Scaffolding in Bromley from CITB and CIRS Accredited Erectors

There are many different ways that you can make use of our scaffolding services. On this page, we’ve listed just a few reasons why domestic and commercial clients around Bromley call in our qualified and experienced scaffolding erectors.


4 Ways to Make Use of Our Scaffolding Services in Bromley


Property Maintenance – Whether you’re a professional property services company, or just a Bromley homeowner looking to spruce up your home, scaffolding can be highly useful. With the former, scaffolding allows you to access extremely difficult to reach areas with ease. Working on an office tower block without the aid of either supported or hanging scaffolding would be impossible. How would you reach the upper limits to mend fixtures and wash or replace windows?


In the latter case, scaffolding lets you avoid working from a ladder when, for example, replacing guttering, fascias and soffits. Or perhaps replacing tiles or giving your wooden windows a lick of paint. Recruiting the services of scaffolding companies is also less expensive than you might think! Especially ours in Bromley, which prides itself on its extremely competitive prices.


Re-Roofing – Some long-neglected pitched roofs you see around Bromley are truly problematic, especially the older ones. Built at sharp angles and out of materials that have certainly seen better days, climbing on to them is just an accident waiting to happen. Scaffolding allows professional roofers to deal with these issues.


But even when re-roofing a run-of-the-mill pitched roof, calling in our Bromley scaffolding erectors could be a good option. Scaffolding can allow you to work far more efficiently, speeding up the job and making it significantly easier.


Extensions & Refurbishments – Many extensions and refurbishments just can’t be completed without making use of a scaffolding services firm, like our own in Bromley. This is often the case with attic conversions, as well as when extra-bedrooms are added on to a property on the second floor.


We can design and erect bespoke scaffolding that fulfils the exact purpose you require it for. If you’re extending the back-end second floor of your property, we won’t go creating an invasive and imposing structure that takes up far more space than it needs to. You’ll receive something that is perfect for the job, at an affordable price that won’t be offered by competing scaffolding companies around Bromley.


New Build Schemes – We’re proud to be one of the go-to scaffolding companies for new build construction firms operating in and around the Bromley area. If you are acting on behalf of a commercial entity and searching for a strategic partner which can quickly and efficiently set up safe scaffolding structures for use in new build construction, you’ve come to the right place. We urge you to contact us today!


Dial 07875 604 902 to speak with our Bromley scaffolding erectors directly.

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