Scaffolding Services in Croydon with a Safety-Focused Approach

Working at height can be extremely dangerous when gone about in the wrong way. This is why No Limit Scaffolding Ltd has such an in-depth, concrete health and safety policy. We take great efforts to ensure all our scaffolding erectors are trained to go about their job in a methodical and sound manner, and that all contactors and sub-contractors who work for us are well-versed in our extensive health and safety policy document.


Unfortunately, there are still scaffolding companies operating around the Croydon area who neglect their responsibilities, rushing the scaffolding services they provide and employing unqualified or just plain lazy scaffolders.


While there’s not much we can do about that, we’ve looked to provide some safety tips for construction workers using our scaffolding to work at height. Once you have your scaffolding ready to use, it could be tempting to get straight to work and clamber on up it. But take a moment and refresh yourself on any training you’ve had in how to safely work at height. After all, it’s not worth taking risks! Over 30% of workplace fatalities around Croydon and the wider UK occur within the construction industry.


Working at Height – Health & Safety Tips for Croydon Construction Crews


Keep Your Workspace Organised – So many of the accidents that happen on construction sites can be put down to a messy or poorly organised working environment. Our scaffolding erectors are careful to ensure that, when putting up scaffolding around Croydon, tools are not left lying around. This is equally important for construction workers using the completed structure. Tools can be tripping hazards, and even fall from the scaffolding – causing injury to those below.


Slow and Steady – The pressures of ensuring a construction project is completed on time can lead to mad dashes and a furious working pace. But at height, it’s really never worth rushing – it’s just too risky. They say that “slow and steady wins the race”, and while we’re not always sure this is the case, slow and steady certainly finishes the race! Scaffolding companies often hear stories of how scaffolding has been misused and led to serious injuries or death. Take your time, and work efficiently and at a constant pace – rather than letting the project become a last minute hazard.


Inspect, Review, Maintain – Our scaffolding erectors are always happy to inspect structures for our Croydon clients. This is especially important after bad weather or after suspected vandalism. While our scaffolding will always be handed over to you in a safe and secure condition, it’s not guaranteed to stay this way. At the start of each day, be sure to look over your scaffolding to see if anything has changed. If you’re unsure – call us and we will arrange for an inspector to visit, this is just one part of the scaffolding services we offer.


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