Scaffolding Services in Bromley, Croydon and the Surrounding Areas

We offer a full scaffolding planning and design service to domestic and commercial clients in and around the Bromley and Croydon areas. After consulting with you and visiting your site to ascertain what kind of structure will best suit your needs, we’ll draw up in-depth plans for a bespoke scaffolding solution.


Please note that, unlike scaffolding companies that only take on small jobs, and others that won’t come out for anything less than a big commercial contract, we cover all bases. This versatility is what makes our scaffolding erectors so popular in and around Bromley and Croydon.


Scaffold Erection

Following a thorough risk assessment, we will set about erecting your scaffolding in a timely and efficient manner. Our team are highly trained providers of scaffolding services, and follow a strict health and safety policy that safeguards against all risks associated with working at height.

We constantly inspect the safety equipment we use, as well as the materials from which we construct the scaffolding, ensuring we can deliver a service of the upmost quality to clients around the Bromley and Croydon areas.


Types of Scaffolding

Supported Scaffolding – This is the most commonplace form of scaffolding, and many examples of it can be seen all across Bromley and Croydon. Built from the base skyward, scaffolding erectors love supported scaffolding as it is convenient, highly safe and easy to erect. We build bespoke supported scaffolding structures that are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.


Suspended Scaffolding – You may have seen suspended scaffolding hanging from the tops of tall buildings in Croydon, Bromley and the wider London and Kent areas. It is commonly used by window cleaners and property maintenance companies tending to commercial properties. But it isn’t just useful for these purposes, and is employed whenever it is inconvenient or impossible to build a base for supported scaffolding. It’s a very useful tool within our scaffolding services arsenal!


Rolling Scaffolding – Living up to its name, rolling scaffolding is similar in design to supported scaffolding, but has wheels on the bottom to allow it to be moved short distances. The wheels are locked while workers use it, to ensure it doesn’t move about. Scaffolding erectors may recommend rolling scaffolding if, for example, you’re painting a fairly long wall. To put up a full supported scaffolding structure all the way down the wall’s expanse may be overkill in this situation.


Shores – Shoring temporarily supports unsafe structures. Common cases in which shoring can be useful include when walls crack, an adjacent structure needs tearing down, or when openings in a wall are to be made or enlarged. There are three common types of shoring that scaffolding companies employ – raking shores, flying shores and dead shores. If you require a wall or similar surface shored up in or around the Bromley or Croydon areas, contact us today and we’ll decide which is the most appropriate for your situation.


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